CREW Trail Conditions 9/26/2013

CREW Trail Conditions as of 9/26/2013: Soggy 

Water levels: Our rainy season has not disappointed this year. As a result, you will encounter water on portions of the trail at all three CREW trail locations – CREW Marsh Trails, Cypress Dome Trails and Bird Rookery Swamp Trails. Be prepared to get feet/legs wet. It’s ankle deep in some places along the Bird Rookery Loop, including between the boardwalk and the culvert/pond area just east of the boardwalk. There are several places along the Marsh trails where you’ll get your feet wet, and it’s knee deep or higher along the Alternative Marsh Loop as you hike the edge of the sawgrass marsh near the observation tower.

downed tree at BRS 9-2013

Downed trees: The recent rain and winds have downed a few trees and limbs along all three trails. Bikers may need to lift bikes over in places.

But don’t shy away. There is much to see during this wonderful wet season. The lush greenery, the hint of fall colors, the splash of fish and frogs in the water. If you go hiking at CREW, let us know what seasonal changes you encounter (and where- by GPS or description) by commenting below or on our Facebook page…

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