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Seasons Greetings, 

Recently, some new friends visited the CREW office.  Everyone had a story to tell and a question to ask as we discussed recent hiking experiences, CREW Trust guided walks and the holiday shopping season. Hoping to support the CREW Trust while purchasing a few meaningful gifts, our friends asked about CREW Trust merchandise. “As a matter of fact” I said, “we’ve collected some CREW Trust swag over the seasons, even though we don’t have a visitor center, much less a gift shop!” Clumsily, we rang up the bundle of gifts for their family members, all spread throughout the country this year, hoping that these special gifts from CREW will remind them of home.

Start a new holiday tradition this year with your family and give back to the CREW Trust at the same time! Browse our CREW Trust collectables available for purchase and give the gift of CREW to your family and friends! Remember to support the land and wildlife you love at CREW this December! 

The CREW Trust Holiday store will be open today December 11, 2020 through Friday December 18, 2020. *That gives us enough time to either a) ship your package to you before the holidays or b) arrange a good pick up time for you at the CREW office (like our friends from the story).

Happy Hiking (and shopping) this season. Stay safe everyone!

Click the links below for more information:

CREW Trust Membership

Fund-A-Need Flint Pen Strand Trails $10

Fund-A-Need Environmental Education $50

Fund-A-Need Volunteers $150

CREW Trust Medallion Bundle

CREW Trust Pin Bundle

CREW Trust Hat

CREW Pocket Guide

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