College Experiences

The CREW Trust is proud of its excellent working relationships with local universities and professors that enable us to engage students in field experiences, research projects, and civic engagement/service-learning opportunities on the CREW lands.

We assist instructors with their own field trips as well as design custom field trips for any college class, using your learning goals and concepts to guide the activities and locations of the field
experiences. Call us or email to discuss your class needs.

Florida Gulf Coast University, Ave Maria University, and the University of Florida IFAS program have all taken advantage of the CREW lands for learning, research and service.

Wings of hope 2015 011

The FGCU Wings of Hope Program engages Environmental Humanities students in service-learning by teaching them to co-lead field trips with elementary school students where they learn about the Florida panther and its habitat at the CREW Marsh Trails.

Colloquium students often get their first taste of wild Florida on the CREW Trails as we explore basic ecological concepts such as plant succession, limiting factors, and fire ecology. Many college students also volunteer to assist the CREW Trust with trail maintenance, public outreach, and education projects as a way to develop deeper connections with the community, nature, and the content of their courses.

FGCU students have conducted a variety of  research projects on CREW lands in cooperation with all the CREW partners – the CREW Trust, SFWMD and FWC.

If you would like to volunteer or get involved with the CREW Trust click here

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