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The Changes that Wildfire Brings

Ultimately, it’s not a question of if a fire will affect this region, but when, which is why we encourage you to learn about the strategies used to enhance the resilience of the land, water and surrounding inhabited areas.

Introduce children to the outdoors at CREW 

With the long end-of-year holidays, kids need healthy and fun activities, things they can do with their families and friends. If they’re visiting Florida in December, this is the perfect time of the year to introduce them to the world of nature.

Wet Walk 101

Walk the seasonally wet trails of CREW for an education in watersheds! Join our education coordinator, Julie Motkowicz on any of the four upcoming Wet Walks – each at a different trail location.

Why do we like hiking?

By Allison Vincent Ask two people this question and you’ll likely get two different answers. The more time you spend on the …

Kids on the Trail

Volunteer Perspective Series by Nan Mattingly Does your family have cabin fever? The CREW Land & Water Trust has a solution – …

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