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billY Gunnels

In 2013, Florida Gulf Coast University professor and CREW Trustee, billY Gunnels began producing a series of podcasts to highlight various people’s perspectives about the CREW project and their interactions with the land within the watershed. Each podcast is an on-site interview with someone who has walked, worked, or wondered about the CREW over the years… each perspective is unique and storied.

Take time to listen as these folks share their stories of CREW…(click each title below to hear the interviews)

Kathleen Smith, FWC: A biologist’s view of CREW (January 2014)
Deb Hanson, CREW Trust: Environmental Education (September 2014)


Animal Outtakes Episode 10, Season 9

Join Education Coordinator Julie Motkowicz on the CREW Marsh Trail as she discusses all things CREW with the Animal Outtakes team!

Carnivorous Botany

with Julie Motkowicz at the Naples Preserve

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