CREW Bird Rookery Swamp Trail is OPEN!

The South Florida Water Management District has finished up the construction projects at CREW Bird Rookery Swamp Trail and now the entire 12-mile loop is open and ready for your visit!

Thanks for being patient as he northern trestle bridge crossing was repaired and several degraded culverts were replaced.

Designed and constructed by Nelson Marine

4 Replies to “CREW Bird Rookery Swamp Trail is OPEN!”

    1. Thanks! Will add though, because I know you’ll be out there biking it soon, that the northwestern side is overgrown and a little more narrow and washed out that in years past. The SFWMD will begin some work on that area, but CREW Trust Volunteers may be needed to help. Not sure if you can bike with a weedwacker, perhaps a machete in the mean time – just for that short portion – or you can always make it turn-about trip. ๐Ÿ™‚

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