Hunting on the CREW Wildlife and Environmental Area (WEA) is regulated by the Florida Fish & Wildlife Conservation Commission (FFWCC). Hunting is an important management tool, helping to control potentially devastating wild hog populations and maintaining healthy populations of other game species.

There are several quota hunts within the CREW WEA each year – a general gun season, a muzzleloading season, a small game season, an archery season, and two spring turkey seasons.

Hunting takes place at two locations within the CREW WEA: The CREW Marsh Unit (only at Gate 5 – Cypress Dome Trails) and in Flint Pen Strand/ Southern CREW (off Bonita Beach Road). The closure area in Flint Pen Strand may change during the hunting season; please check for updated information during the 2017-2018 season.

When hunting seasons are in session, signs are posted to inform other users.

For more information about current hunting regulations for CREW, getting quota permits, and season dates, check the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission website.

Information and directions to the CREW Trails

2017-2018 CREW Wildlife and Environmental Area Hunting Season Brochure

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