Current Trail Conditions


Bird Rookery Swamp, CREW Flint Pen Strand, CREW Cypress Dome Trail, and CREW Marsh Trails are all open to the public from sunrise to sunset.

Please continue to practice social distancing while visiting our CREW trails.

CREW Bird Rookery Swamp:

The entire 12-mile loop is clearly marked with letters to help you gauge your distances. The Purple trail is now open and connects CREW Bird Rookery Swamp trail to the CREW Flint Pen Strand trails. The Purple trail distance is 3.1 miles to the main parking lot at CREW Flint Pen Strand starting from the intersection above point E. Until the mowing team can get out on the trail, some “discing” was done in preparation for upcoming prescribed burn.

Be aware that alligators will warm themselves on the trail. Please do not attempt to force them to move when you pass.

CREW Marsh Trails:

Trails are currently dry and wildflowers are in bloom.

CREW Cypress Dome Trails:

Check HUNT DATES. Trails are always open to everyone, however if you’re planning to hike during a hunting season and prefer a trail without hunting, try the CREW Marsh Trails around the corner on Corkscrew Rd. All trails are currently dry.

CREW Flint Pen Strand Trails:

Check HUNT DATES. Hunting takes place north of CREW Flint Pen Strand trail systems. Please stay on the designated trails. The trails are narrow and winding with some sand and roots/rocks. The trails are currently dry. The Purple trail distances are calculated from the Main parking lot. From the Main parking lot the hike is 3.1 miles to CREW Bird Rookery Swamp and 3.1 miles back. If you choose to hike the “loop” of CREW Bird Rookery Swamp trail, you will add 7.5 miles to your distance. Some “discing” was done to serve as a fire break for upcoming prescribed burns. Prescribed burn scheduled for May 5, 2021 weather depending.

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