Current Trail Conditions

Bird Rookery Swamp Trail temporarily closed at the end of the boardwalk for Wildlife Resource Protection by the South Florida Water Management District.

Updated September 19, 2019

Bird Rookery Swamp: South Florida Water Management District has temporarily closed the trail at the end of the boardwalk for Wildlife Resource Protection. Please direct questions to the South Florida Water Management District (561) 686-8800 ext. 7351.

CREW Marsh Trails: All of the trails are clear. Grass along the trail is short with some ankle deep water in areas.

Cypress Dome Trails: All trails open. Expect some long grass and water on the White Trail – ankle to shin deep. The crossing to Caracara Prairie Preserve is passable if you don’t mind some mud and a little water. Caracara is also inundated with water.


Prescribed burns and shredding will continue throughout the summer months. For more information, please read through this article from the South Florida Water Management District:

Flint Pen Strand Trails: The first trail opened Nov. 30, 2018. The trail is narrow and winding with some sand and roots/rocks. Much of the trail is inundated with ankle-deep water.

Water is really down. The blue trail is completely dry, the red trail is dry except for one spot with only about three inches of water, and the yellow trail is dry up to where the loop begins. It’s almost possible to walk around the lakes/marshes except for one really wet spot at the northeast corner by Poorman’s Pass. That’s still wet.

photograph by Bill Zaino

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