Inspiring Photos from CREW

By Allison Vincent – CREW Trust – May 27, 2022

We hope you enjoy browsing through some of the information linked below relating to our wild inhabitants of the CREW Lands. Remember that the balance we strike with these preserved lands guarantees not only our access to land and water resources, but theirs too!

Great Horned Owls

A roosting pair

photo by Bill Zaino

Brown Thrasher

Get to know them in your backyard

photo by Bill Zaino

Swallow-tailed Kite chick

Nesting season

photo by Dick Brewer

Gopher Tortoise

Trekking the dry upland habitats

photo by FWC

Eastern Meadowlark

Preferred open habitat

photo by Bill Zaino

Snowy Egret

Enjoying the dry down with spurts of rain

photo by Dick Brewer

Red-shouldered Hawk chicks

Renested by the Conservancy of SWFL

photo by Bill Zaino

River Otters

Family outings

photo by Dick Brewer


Swaying in the sun

photo by Joanne Bruggemeyer

Pale Grasspink Orchid

Take nothing but photos

photo by Dick Brewer


Rare sightings reward the patient observer

photo by CREW Trust Volunteer

Barred Owl

Taken April 2022 during the dry season

photo by Bill Zaino

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