CREW Trail Guides & Educational Materials

Alligators by Dick Brewer 




Anoles by Dick Brewer  




Bird Fledge Times by Dick Brewer

time to fledge




 Bird Life Span by Dick Brewer 

time to live-birds





Birds from Below by Dick Brewer

birds from below




Dragonflies by George Luther 

Dragonflies of CREW





Ferns by Dick Brewer

quick fern guide




Ferns by George Luther

common ferns of crew george`common ferns of crew george``




Fern Morphology by Dick Brewer

 guide to ferns



Frog & Toad Sounds by Dick Brewer

id frog



Frog & Toads by Dick Brewer

frog and toad call



Tillandsia by Dick Brewer 

tallandsia blooms




 Wading Birds  by Dick Brewer

wading birds



Water Turtles by Dick Brewer

Water Turtles id

CREW Trust Coloring Pages

by George Luther

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  1. Do you have information on mushrooms in the area? Are there any groups or clubs who look for mushrooms and share information?

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