NEW Friendly Faces on the CREW Trails: Trail Stewards

The CREW Trust Trail Steward program provides our guests with a friendly and welcoming CREW volunteer ambassador along the CREW Trust trails. The Trail Steward is the “face” of the CREW Trust.  Now, in its second season, the very successful Trail Steward program needs more volunteers.

trail steward

Trail Stewards greet guests along the trail and engage them in conversation about such things as:

  • what the CREW Trust is;
  • what the trail conditions are;
  • what the guest may encounter (flora and fauna) along the trail; and
  • what the guests’ expectations are.

The Trail Steward can also provide safety information to our guests.

Trail Stewards create their own schedule, a few hours a month or a few hours a week. Whenever the Trail Steward wishes to serve, they just show up and interact with our guests. Perfect for those who do not want get tied down to a schedule.

To become a CREW Trail Steward, contact the CREW Trust Staff at and click on “Volunteer” or call 239-657-2253. Training will be provided free to those who wish to participate in this fun and rewarding rewarding program.

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