Ready, Set, Hike… 2016-17 Free Guided Hike Schedule

Ready, set, go! Guided Hike season is almost upon us. The CREW Trust has outdone itself again. This coming season’s programs are over the top!

Starting in November and continuing through the end of April 2017, the CREW Trust volunteers will be presenting over 14 free guided walks each month! Come on out and take a walk with one of your old favorites or one of our new guides. If you’ve never walked with us, then makes plans to do it right away. You won’t regret it.IMG_5272

CREW Marsh Trails – Dr. David Cooper will present his enjoyable and informative walk every second and fourth Tuesday and the second Saturday of each month at 9:00AM.

Dr. David is the Dean of the CREW Trust guides and one of its charter volunteers. He is a wealth of knowledge and a very entertaining guide. A morning with Dr. David will change the way you think about the CREW Marsh.

CREW Bird Rookery Swamp – Bobby McLoughlin will be guiding his walk the second and fourth Tuesday and the fourth Saturday each month at 9:00AM. Every Wednesday at 9:00AM, George Luther and Bob Melin will conduct their walk.

During January through April, on the first and third Wednesday of the month at 1:30PM (notedeer_1128_2the afternoon starting time, please), Jeff and Pauline Suss will lead their walk.

From February through, and including, April 13th., at 9:00AM, Chrissy Podos and Dr. Jack Shine will conduct their walks. Chrissy will lead on: 2/2, 2/16, 3/2, 3/23, and 4/6. Dr. Jack will lead on: 2/9, 2/23, 3/9/, 3/16, 3/30, and 4/13.

Each of these guides interpret the trail in their own style. Each has their own areas of expertise and each provides a remarkable experience.  Bird Rookery Swamp was again been recognized by TripAdvisor with a Certificate of Excellence for 2016.

All of these hikes are free because of the generosity of the CREW Trust members. Donations are gratefully accepted. Registration is required for these walks. Further information can be found at

To register for any of these walks, click here

Expanding At Bird Rookery Swamp

Want more opportunities to be guided through the beautiful  Bird Rookery Swamp, then February and March are what you have been waiting for! During the months of February and March new programs will be introduced at the CREW Trust’s busiest trail.

In addition to the long standing Wednesday morning walks which will still be available at 9:00AM, the CREW Trust is adding walks on Wednesday afternoons and Thursday mornings. These walks not only offer more opportunities to enjoy the Bird Rookery Swamp but they also add four other guides to provide you with a variety of presentations.

So come on over to Bird Rookery Swamp and experience Old Florida!

All of these walks are FREE due to the generosity of CREW Members but we do appreciate donations at the time of registration or on the day of the walk.otter, alligator, people and bird from Rita


February 2016
2 Wednesday 9:00:00-11:30AM George/Bob/Bobby
3 Thursday 9:00-11:30PM Jack
7 Sunday 1:30-4:00PM George/Bob/Bobby
10 Wednesday 9:00:00-11:30AM George/Bob/Bobby
11 Thursday 9:00-11:30PM Chrissy
17 Wednesday 9:00:00-11:30AM George/Bob/Bobby
17 Wednesday 1:30-4:00PM Jeff/Pauline
18 Thursday 9:00-11:30PM Jack
24 Wednesday 9:00:00-11:30AM George/Bob/Bobby
25 Thursday 9:00-11:30PM Chrissy
27 Saturday 9:00:00-11:30AM George/Bob/Bobby

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March 2016
2 Wednesday 9:00:00-11:30AM George/Bob/Bobby
2 Wednesday 1:30-4:00PM Jeff/Pauline
3 Thursday 9:00-11:30PM Jack
6 Sunday 1:30-4:00PM George/Bob/Bobby
9 Wednesday 9:00:00-11:30AM George/Bob/Bobby
10 Thursday 9:00-11:30PM Chrissy
16 Wednesday 9:00:00-11:30AM George/Bob/Bobby
16 Wednesday 1:30-4:00PM Jeff/Pauline
17 Thursday 9:00-11:30PM Jack
23 Wednesday 9:00:00-11:30AM George/Bob/Bobby
24 Thursday 9:00-11:30PM Chrissy
26 Saturday 9:00:00-11:30AM George/Bob/Bobby
30 Wednesday 9:00:00-11:30AM George/Bob/Bobby
30 Wednesday 1:30-4:00PM Jeff/Pauline

Registration is required.
For registration:
Check us out on TripAdvisor: CREW – Bird Rookery Swamp

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