Is the humanity we see in animals really just a reflection of ourselves? Find out more at this Strolling Science Seminar

The humanity of wildlife: Exploring dangerous ideas that connect the experiences of humans and wildlife led by Billy Gunnels December 16, 2016, register here!billy gunnels

Join CREW Trustee Dr. Billy Gunnels on a fascinating stroll on the CREW Trails where we will explore anthropomorphism and its place in the scientific world. As children, we are taught to think about wildlife in very human terms. Animals, in all their various shapes and forms, are the most common protagonists in fables that serve as parables to teach us about morality, socialization, and other life lessons. This role of and perspective about animals changes dramatically as we mature and are taught to avoid such anthropomorphic perspectives as adults – wildlife are not people and people are not wildlife. This “adult” insight has value. However, anthropodenial is also scientifically inaccurate. In this strolling science seminar, we will look at cases where humans and wildlife share similar experiences and motivations and cases where they do not. This will provide a richer and more complete understanding of wildlife at CREW.

Billy Gunnels is a father, scientist, and educator. Professionally, he is an associate professor at Florida Gulf Coast University. Where he explores animal behavior, social evolution, and human-animal interactions in both research and teaching. When asked about CREW he replied, “ I love CREW and the role that this landscape has on our region. As such, I have served as a trustee on the CREW Land and Water Trust for many years”.

Registration is required, you can sign up by clicking here.

Want to learn more about anthropomorphism? Dr. Billy Gunnels recommends the two articles below:
De Waal, F. (1997). Are we in Anthropodenial? Discovery Magazine

De Waal, F. (2016). What I learned from Tickling Apes. New York Times
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Abandon the Fear: Learn How Cool Snakes Really Are


Join Dr. John Herman an instructor at FGCU for a fun filled hike at Bird Rookery Swamp. This hike is a part of our Strolling Science Seminar series, scholarly hikes for adults. On this strolling expedition you will learn how to safely observe and share outdoor areas with snakes, as well as their importance to the ecosystem.

Any ecosystem, including CREW, can only truly be healthy if all of its parts are filling their roles. We can’t pick and choose which parts to protect based on if we find them “cute” or “cuddly”. This seminar’s purpose is to bring snakes out from the shadows of fear and into the light of respect and protection.

What to wear/bring: Wear comfortable outdoor walking clothes and closed-toed shoes. Please bring some water to drink and to use to rinse hands. Also please avoid putting sunscreen, lotion, hand sanitizer, or any other chemical on the palms of your hands during this session.

Registration is required:


 Become a CREW Member and get a discount on your ticket TODAY. Non-members may join CREW and become eligible to take advantage of the member discount for all workshops by going to  or by calling 239-657-2253.



2015-2016 Strolling Science Seminar Series



We have an exciting line up of experts this year. Be sure to sign up in advance on our website by clicking here or selecting the specific event below:

October 10th 2015- Florida’s Fabulous Spiders by Dr. G.B. Edwards

November 13th 2015- Florida Black Bears: The Bear Necessities by Kathleen Smith FWC

December 4th 2015-  Dendrochronology (Tree Coring Science) with Dr. Disturbance by Dr. Win Everham

January 16th 2016- Snake in the Grass: Not Always a Bad Guy by Dr.John Herman

February 6th 2016- Birding with the Master by Dr. Bernie Master

March 11th 2016- Adaptation or Extinction: The Live’s of CREW’s Most Interesting Plants by Jack Berninger

To register, select the event above. To  become eligible to take advantage of the member discount for the Strolling Science Seminar Series go to and clickon the DONATE button or call 239-657-2253.

mosquitos of the marsh
SSS with Neil Wilkinson 2015



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