Star-gazing and Storytelling Out of this World

Friday night, January 20th, 50 brave souls made their way down the long, dark, winding CREW driveway to listen to stories, view the stars, and learn about sky objects. AstronomyGal, Linda Jacobson, shared some astronomical history and lore and then helped people view the stars through her 8″ telescope while her husband, Jim, pointed the 10″ telescope to the Andromeda galaxy. Roger Grossenbacher pointed out constellations, the Orion nebulae, and told the Native America story of how stars came to be, while Meg Sapp pointed out major constellations and the Milky Way galaxy with her laser pointer.

It all started with Collier County school teacher, Holly Hamliton, reading space and star books to the kids as they munched on star-shaped cookies! The weather was perfect, the skies were clear, and the learning was out of this world!

Thank you to all our volunteers – Jenny, Ebby, Meg, Alex, Trevor, Nico, Rick, Klaus, Linda, Roger, and Jim – for helping out and to all those who attended for making it a great event!

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