All CREW Trails are STILL OPEN

Check our website for daily updates regarding trail status

We want everyone to know that all four of the CREW trail systems- Bird Rookery Swamp, Flint Pen Strand, Cypress Dome Trail, and CREW Marsh Trails are all currently open. We are updating our website daily with current information regarding their status. So get out to the trails soon, just be sure to keep a 6-foot distance between yourself and others. As always, your donations and support are greatly appreciated, so bring a few extra bucks to drop in the donation box on the trails. Stay well everyone!

2 Replies to “All CREW Trails are STILL OPEN”

  1. What a relief to be able to get outside where there are few people and we don’t have to worry about touching hard surfaces that might get us sick. We always see about 30 species of birds and invariably we see turkey, deer, Eagles, and something that we have never seen before at the CREW properties.

    Thank you for keeping the Preserves open.

  2. In our visit to the Bonita Springs trails, we saw an area of what looks like a, now, very small lake. In it was a large number of fish which seem doomed to die within the nest few days, if we continue with the dry spell we’ve been having in southwest Florida. We would like to volunteer to move the fish to a bigger body of water where they would be able to survive. There are many of them. I hope they are still there. We were there about 4 days ago.

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