Bat Resources

Rafenesque’s bat (Photo credit: FFWCC)

Below are additional resources and information related to bats for our Strolling Science Seminar participants.

Bat Conservation International –

Florida Bat Conservancy –

Books you may like:

Bats of Florida – by Cyndi and George Marks

Walker’s Bats of the World


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The CREW Strolling Science Seminars are supported in part by a Public Outreach Grant from the Charlotte Harbor National Estuary Program (CHNEP). The Charlotte Harbor National Estuary Program is a partnership to protect estuaries in southwest Florida from Venice to Estero Bay.

3 Replies to “Bat Resources”

      1. We have two bat houses. At one time they were up on trees in our conservation area, then the trees fell down. We could use help with deciding whether in our location it is worth it to put them back up, where they shoukd go and avpctually we doukd use help putting them up
        ( we’re mostly senior citizens.) The conservation area is under the jurisdiction of S. F. W. M
        During the time these bat houses were up ( several years) no bats used them.

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