Whether it’s a quiet sunrise walk along the trails, the first glimpse of a Swallow-tailed kite, or a field trip experience with your child’s school, we all become connected to the CREW Project.

The support of our members is vital to the CREW Trust’s environmental education programs, which help teach visitors of all ages about the Corkscrew Regional Ecosystem Watershed and why it is important to preserve CREW and the plants and wildlife within its borders.

YOU can help those programs continue to grow!

Consider becoming a member of the CREW Land & Water Trust today. You can register online or find a membership form in the kiosks at one of our trailheads.

Members receive quarterly newsletters, reduced admission to specialty programs and are invited to attend members-only events. Questions about becoming a member? Feel free to email or call our office at 239-657-2253.

CREW Marsh Trails

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  1. Hello. I am a CREW member and would like to register for the Moon Walk but cannot figure out on the website where I would do that. Please help me register. I would really like the January date.

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