Evolution by Natural Selection Resources


Below are additional resources and information related to evolution by natural selection for participants of Strolling Science Seminar series. All resources below were recommended by Dr. billY Gunnels of FGCU.

  •  The PBS series “Evolution” is wonderful. On a bonus, the series highlights a research project on a newt-snake evolutionary arms race that I worked on
  • Beak of the Finch by Jonathon Weiner is a wonderful book for people outside of evolution that does a lovely job describing the culture of scientific research and evolutionary biology. You can find it cheap at Amazon.com
  • Why we get Sick: The Science of Darwinian Medicine by Neese and Willams introduces the role of evolutionary biology in modern medical science. You can find it cheap at Amazon.com
  • The University of California at Berkeley provides a great websites with wonderful flash animations that walks you through the process of evolutionary biology.

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