Game Camera Gallery: Summer Fun

Rainy season and our lovely summer heat mean quiet times on our trails as far as visitors go. But it’s a very active time on our game cameras and the batches of photos sent to us by volunteer Tom Mortenson are always a delight with more than a few surprises. Check out this past month’s photos! Especially the highly venmous wild goats. GOATS?!!! Yes. Goats. (but we are teasing about the venomous part. we hope.)

Special thanks to Tom Mortenson, CREW Trust volunteer, for donating and maintaining the game cameras and sharing these images with us!

7 Replies to “Game Camera Gallery: Summer Fun”

  1. Those are some seriously excellent and fun photos! Thanks for posting them. There are so many amazing creatures at CREW. Whenever I go there, I am so aware that far more critters see me tromping down the trail than I ever see.

  2. The dragonfly featured twice in the cover
    email is a female Eastern Amberwing – not
    a Calico Pennant as implied.

    Otherwise, nice to see some great camera trap wildlife photos.

    Jim Heflich
    Cleveland, OH

    1. Thanks Jim- that dragonfly was identified by our volunteer naturalist and I’ll pass that info along to him.

  3. Is that an invasive plant growing in the canals at the bird Rookery Swamp on the way to the boardwalk? We can no longer see birds and other wildlife. When the canals were filled with water, there were lots of birds.

    1. Yes- that is invasive creeping signal grass. The South Florida Water Management District is the land manager for that portion of the property and they are aware of the growing problem.

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