Let CREW help YOU with your holiday gift ideas

If you are searching for the perfect gift idea for the nature-minded people in your life, we’re here to help!

Whether you’re looking for something for the new-to-nature person in your life or the trail veteran, check out a few of our recommendations.

For the New Birder

The Bird Watching Answer Book: Everything you need to know to enjoy birds in your backyard and beyond (Cornell Lab of Ornithology)

“That is a really cute stocking-stuffer kind of book,” said volunteer Barbara Centola. “It is the kind of book you would put on your nightstand and read a couple of pages at night.” She purchased one and is planning on giving it to a friend who has shown interest in birding.

For the sentimental hiker

“I love a good walking stick,” said Brenda Brooks, executive director. “And I love to collect hiking medallions to remind me of where I’ve been. It’s an inexpensive way to remember your hike.”

CREW Hiking Medallions (available for Bird Rookery Swamp, CREW Marsh Trails and Cypress Dome Trails ($5 each; limited quantities for local pick-up only; email anne@crewtrust.org)

For the Trail Runner

Goodr Sunglasses

Tired of glasses that fall off your face when you’re out on a run – or even when you’re clearing Caesar weed? These no-slip, no-bounce glasses are the real deal and trail tested by Anne (hence the Caesar weed reference). And with frame names like “Frank’s Llama Land Ditty” and “Orange you glad I didn’t say banana?” they give the gift of a good chuckle, too.

For the four-legged hiker

“I love the water bottles with the drinking tray attached,” said Anne Reed, mom of two dogs, Brady (10.5 year old lab) and Sheila (2 year old chihuahua). “My dogs think it’s fun and it is easier than me carrying an extra water bottle and collapsible bowl in my pack.”

KONG H2O Stainless Steel Dog Water Bottle

For the Fun-Loving CREW Trust Friend

Stuff those stockings with tickets to the 2019 CREW Concert Under the Stars! You’ll be giving the gift of a fabulous night out with live music, great food, craft beer from Momentum Brewhouse and our very unique silent eco-auction! AND, most importantly, supporting our Dr. David R. Cooper Education fund.

2019 CREW Concert Under the Stars tickets

For the inquisitive walker

We joke that there are two types of hikers – point to point hikers, who go go go; and those that move inches in an hour. Sometimes those exist all in the same family! This book is great for the slow-moving hiker who stops to take pictures of panther scat (ANNE) and for the speedy hiker who needs to stop and smell the paw-paw.

The Lost Art of Reading Nature’s Signs

For the “I Don’t Know What I want” friend

Take them on a hike! Gift wrap this coupon for a free hike and then take your friend out on one of the CREW Trust trails. Whether you spend the hike identifying wildflowers, searching the sky for Caracaras, or just catching up, time spent together is the best gift of all. The trails are open every day, sunrise to sunset. Feel free to print one of these fun gift cards and use it to schedule time out in nature with your friends and family! Oh, and if you want to give the gift of a guided walk, register yourself and a friend for one of our upcoming free guided walks.

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