Meet Savannah DeBarr, our new Education Coordinator!

We’re very excited to introduce the newest member of the CREW Land & Water Trust Staff!

Savannah DeBarr is a graduate of Florida Gulf Coast University with a B.A. in Environmental Studies and completed an internship with the CREW Trust in summer 2017. Savannah also completed an internship with Lee County Mosquito Control’s education program and worked with kindergarden students.

Checking rain gauges in the sawgrass marsh with Savannah DeBarr


Want to know more? Check out her answers to a few of our questions below.

Hometown: Stone Mountain, GA

Favorite nature experience as a kid: We had a lot of woods behind our house in Georgia and we built a little bridge over the creek – so we would always play out there.

Family: Engaged with one fur kid, Daisy, an Australian Shepherd.

Savannah’s dog, Daisy, on the boardwalk enjoying the CREW Marsh Trails


Favorite Florida Wildflower: Pine lily! I saw my first one today at the CREW Marsh Trails.

Wildlife bucket list: I feel like everyone says it, but a panther.

Favorite part of your internship with the CREW Trust?  I loved all of it. Probably just getting to be out in nature with the kids.

What is one thing you are looking forward to in your new role?  Helping people understand the importance of CREW. Most people don’t know that the watershed has an impact on our drinking water. I’m looking forward to teaching students of all ages about the water and wildlife on the CREW trails.

3 Replies to “Meet Savannah DeBarr, our new Education Coordinator!”

  1. Congratulations Savannah! I’m making a list of all the things you can do for me and the kids in my classes. You’ll be very busy.

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