Opening date announced for Flint Pen Trail System

As the restoration nears completion in the Southern Critical CREW Project, the CREW Trust has been working with staff and volunteers to explore the vacant lands area in anticipation of mapping out trails.

Within the course of three weeks, the area where the trail system will be in place went from dry sandy soil to very seasonally wet, with areas knee-high with water.

A grand opening will take place on January 19, 2018, revealing the first sections of trails. Guided hikes and programs will be offered at the Flint Pen trail system; details will be announced when the 2017-2018 seasonal programming is released. Follow CREW Land & Water Trust on Facebook for continued Flint Pen updates.

5 Replies to “Opening date announced for Flint Pen Trail System”

  1. Very pleased to hear the announcement of the opening of the trail.
    Great job and appreciation to all that is making this happen.

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