Strolling Science Seminar January 21st: Opening our Eyes to Insect Diversity

Insects All Around: Opening our eyes to insect diversity led by Dr. Kara Lefevre January 21st- register here!


Ever wonder what that buzzing sound is coming from or what that brightly colored butterfly is? Join Dr. Lefevre and learn about the insects that live all around us. No matter where you go, what trail you hike or what ecosystem you are in there will always be insects. Make your adventures more interesting my learning about the little creatures that make up the base of our food chain.

This is a hike you don’t want to miss. Registration is required. You can sign up by clicking here.

Insects All Around is part of the CREW Strolling Science Seminar series, an annual series of scholarly walking seminars designed specifically for adults to gain in-depth knowledge about the science of CREW. Become a CREW Member and get a discount on your ticket today. Non-members may join CREW and become eligible to take advantage of the member discount for all workshops by going to by calling 239-657-2253.

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