Summer Rains Mean Wet Trails

Wet trailhead CDT June 30 2014As the rainy season picks up and we get rain events bringing 3 or 4 or more inches at a time, the CREW Trails, as you can imagine, begin to get wet. As of this week (July 1, 2014) trail conditions are as follows:

At the CREW Marsh Trails:

  • Marsh Trail and Alternative Marsh Trail – Some dry spots, but puddles and stretches of several inches of water to a foot deep in places along the marsh edge.
  • Oak Hammock Trail – One to 4 inches deep in places.
  • Pine Flatwoods Trail – One to four inches deep in places.
  • Campsite Gate 3 – needs 4-WD vehicle to access.

At the Cypress Dome Trails:

  • Green and White Loops – completely under water, depth from one to 6 inches.
  • Blue shortcut from Yellow to Green Loop – inundated with 3 to 6 inches of water.
  • Yellow Loop – some dry patches, wet in low areas near seasonal ponds.
  • All trails mowed on June 26th.
  • Campsite – dry and accessible.

At Bird Rookery Swamp:

  • Most of the trail is still dry. A few soft and wetter spots between map points 3 and 6.
  • Water rising fast.
  • Grass getting tall.

Of course, how wet the trails are depends on the frequency and amount of rain. A few days without and it’ll dry down. But as the ground gets saturated, even small rain events will fill the low spots with water.

Either way – wet or dry, summer is abuzz with life on the trails. So , come get your feet wet and enjoy the essence of summer in the swamps and marshes of CREW!


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