Swallow-tailed Kites are here!

For the last two weeks, the CREW Trust staff and FWC biologists have been anxiously watching the skies.


It’s Swallow-tailed Kite time.

photo credit: Dick Brewer

Reports trickled in from our volunteers. Jayne posted on Facebook that she saw kites during a hike with students from FGCU on the Marsh Trails . Peggy sent us an email that she saw two at the observation tower at the same trails and they were “calling like crazy!”

I led a small group of volunteers through trail steward training on Sunday and kept one eye on the sky but still, no sightings.

Swallow-tailed kites come to SWFL to breed and are always spotted mid-February, right around Valentine’s Day. Sightings are not limited to our trails, but the birds do require tall trees for nesting and tend to choose open pinewoods near marshes or cypress swamps as their habitat.

photo credit: Dick Brewer


In other words, CREW is great breeding spot for them.

The kites will be here until late August. If you’re eager to spot one or two, head out to Cypress Dome Trails (3980 Corkscrew Road) or CREW Marsh Trails (4600 Corkscrew Road) and keep your eyes on the skies!


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