Trail Closure: Bird Rookery Swamp Trail, Aug 10th-31st

The South Florida Water Management District, land managers of the CREW project including Bird Rookery Swamp Trail (BRS), will temporarily close the boardwalk access to the BRS trail for the final phase of boardwalk reconstruction.

The parking lot gates will be closed and locked throughout the month of August and possibly into September. We will update our website, with current information as construction continues.

We know this is a popular trail, however we hope you agree that the long-term benefits of our revitalized boardwalk outweighs the temporary inconvenience.

The boardwalk reconstruction schedule is estimated to run from August 10th-31st, but may extend longer or finish up earlier than expected. Be sure to check on closure status before driving out the trail.

Looking for an alternative trail? Try CREW Flint Pen Strand trails off Bonita Beach Road or any of our CREW trails off of Corkscrew Road. Arrive early to enjoy the wildlife!

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