Want to be “batty” at knowing your bats? Join us November 29th

Have you ever wondered how scientists catch bats or how they determine what species of bat is flying above you?  Come learn about these fascinating creatures of the night in this hands-on, working seminar with a real bat biologist starting at 4pm on November 29th. Registration is required. You can sign up by clicking here. Be sure to get your tickets now.  This Strolling Science Seminar fills up fast!

junior bat girl

FL Fish & Wildlife Commission biologist, Kathleen Smith, will dispel myths about bats, teach you their importance in our ecosystem, and tell you how you can help. This evening outdoor workshop will describe native bat species found at CREW and their role in the ecosystem and includes hands-on activities related to bat capture and research. Bats are critically important to the functioning of the natural ecosystem by consuming insects and agriculture pests.

What to wear/bring: Bug spray/head nets/mosquito jackets.  Long pants, long shirt, and close-toed shoes that can get wet. You might want to double up on clothes, the more layers the less bites :).

This is part of the CREW Strolling Science Seminar series, an annual series of scholarly walking seminars designed specifically for adults to gain in-depth knowledge about the science of CREW. Become a CREW Member and get a discount on your ticket TODAY. Non-members may join CREW and become eligible to take advantage of the member discount for all workshops by going to http://www.crewtrust.org/become-a-member/ or by calling 239-657-2253.


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