Wildflower Lists and Info

Skyflower by Brenda Thomas

CREW is well-known for it’s stunning array of wildflowers at various times of the year. Photos of some CREW flowers can be found on our FlickR page at http://www.flickr.com/photos/crewtrust/

Additional resources to help you find and ID southwest Florida native wildflowers include:

Below is a partial list of wildflowers found at CREW:

Common Name Scientific Name Color Bloom time Habitat
American Beautyberry Callicarpa americana Purple Spring, Summer Flatwoods, hammocks
American Blueheart Buchnera americana Purple All Year Flatwoods
Arrowhead Sagittaria lancifolia White Spring, Summer, Fall Ponds, swamps, ditches
Bay Lobelia Lobelia feayana Purple All Year Open, moist grassy areas
Beeblossom Gaura angustifolia Pink All Year Flatwoods
Black-eyed Susan Rudbeckia species Yellow All Year Flatwoods
Blackroot Pterocaulon pycnostachyum White All Year Flatwoods
Bladderwort Utricularia species Yellow All Year Ponds, swamps, ditches
Blazing Star Liatris species Purple Fall Flatwoods
Blue-eyed Grass Sisyrinchium angustifolium Purple Spring, Summer Wet flatwoods
Butterflyweed Asclepias tuberosa Orange Summer Flatwoods
Butterweed Packera glabellus Yellow Spring, Summer Open, wet areas
Butterwort Pinguicula species Purple Spring Flatwoods
Camphorweed Pluchea rosea Purple Spring, Summer Marshes, wet flatwoods
Candyroot Polygala nana Yellow All Year Flatwoods, bogs
Chocolateweed Melochia spicata Purple All Year Flatwoods
Coralbean Erythrina herbacea Red Spring, Summer Hammocks
Creeping Spotflower Acmella oppositifolia Yellow Summer, Fall Floodplain forests
Elephant Foot Elephantopus elatus Purple Summer, Fall Flatwoods
False Buttonweed Spermacoce species White All Year Flatwoods
False Dragonhead Physostegia purpurea Pink Spring, Summer, Fall Marshes, swamps
False Foxglove Agalinis species Pink Summer, Fall Wet flatwoods
False Reinorchid Habenaria species White All Year Flatwoods, swamps, hammocks
Fleabane Erigeron species White All Year Flatwoods
Frostweed Verbesina virginica White Spring, Summer, Fall Hammock margins
Glades Lobelia Lobelia glandulosa Purple All Year Wet flatwoods, swamps, bogs
Goldenaster Chrysopsis species Yellow Summer, Fall Flatwoods
Goldenrod Solidago species Yellow Spring, Summer, Fall Flatwoods
Gopher Apple Licania michauxii White Summer Flatwoods, wet prairies
Grass-pink Calopogon tuberosus Pink Spring, Summer Marsh edges
Ladies’-Tresses Spiranthes species White Spring, Summer Flatwoods, wetlands
Lanceleaf Milkweed Asclepias lanceolata Orange Summer Marshes
Large-flower Polygala Polygala grandiflora Purple All Year Flatwoods
Lyreleaf Sage Salvia lyrata Purple Spring, Summer, Fall Hammocks
Marsh Pink Sabatia stellaris Pink All Year Marshes
Meadowbeauty Rhexia species Pink Spring, Summer, Fall Wet flatwoods, marshes
Mexican Clover Richardia grandiflora White All Year Open disturbed sites
Milk Pea Galactia elliottii White Summer, Fall Flatwoods
Mistflower Conoclinium coelestinum Purple All Year Wet hammocks, pond margins
Musky Mint Hyptis alata White All Year Wet flatwoods, pond margins
Orange Milkwort Polygala lutea Orange All Year Flatwoods
Partridge-pea Chamaecrista fasciculata Yellow All Year Flatwoods
Pawpaw Asimina reticulata White Spring Flatwoods
Pennyroyal Piloblephis rigida Purple All Year Flatwoods
Pickerelweed Pontederia cordata Purple All Year Marshes, ditches, ponds
Pine Hyacinth Clematis species Purple Spring, Summer, Fall Wet flatwoods
Pine Lily Lilium catesbaei Orange Fall Moist flatwoods, savannahs
Pineland Daisy Chaptalia tomentosa White Winter, Spring Wet flatwoods, bogs
Pineland Heliotrope Heliotropium polyphyllum White All Year Flatwoods, pond margins
Pineland Pimpernel Samolus valerandi White All Year Wet flatwoods
Pineland Purple Carphephorus species Purple Summer, Fall Moist flatwoods, bogs
Pitted Stripeseed Piriqueta caroliniana Yellow All Year Flatwoods
Primrose Ludwigia species Yellow All Year Flatwoods, wetlands
Rabbitbells Crotolaria rotundifolia Yellow All Year Flatwoods
Rattlesnake Master Eryngium yuccifolium White Spring, Summer, Fall Flatwoods, bogs
Saltmarsh Mallow Kosteletzkya virginica Pink Spring, Summer, Fall Marshes
Silk-grass Pityopsis graminifolia Yellow Spring, Summer, Fall Flatwoods
Skyflower Hydrolea corymbosa Purple Spring, Summer, Fall Marshes, ponds, ditches
Sneezeweed Helenium pinnatifidum Yellow Spring, Summer Wet flatwoods
Snowy Squarestem Melanthera nivea White Summer, Fall Flatwoods, hammocks
Southeastern Sunflower Helianthus species Yellow Summer, Fall Moist flatwoods
Southern Dewberry Rubus trivialis White Spring Dry hammocks
Spanish Needles Bidens alba White All Year Disturbed sites
St. Johnswort Hypericum species Yellow All Year Flatwoods, marshes
Staggerbush Lyonia fruticosa White Spring, Summer Flatwoods
Starrush Whitetop Rhynchospora colorata White All Year Moist flatwoods
Tarflower Bejaria racemosa White Spring, Summer, Fall Flatwoods
Thistle Cirsium species Purple All Year Flatwoods
Tickseed Coreopsis species Yellow All Year Wet Flatwoods
Violet Viola species Purple Spring Moist flatwoods
Water Dropwort Oxypolis filiformis White Summer, Fall Wet flatwoods, swamps
Water Lily Nymphaea White Spring, Summer, Fall Ponds, canals
White Bachelor’s Button Polygala balduinii White All Year Wet flatwoods, marshes
Wild Coco Eulophia alta Purple Fall Wet flatwoods, marshes, swamps
Wild Petunia Ruella caroliniensis Purple Spring, Summer, Fall Flatwoods, hammocks
Winged Loosestrife Lythrum alatum Purple Summer, Fall Flatwoods, marshes, swamps
Winged Sumac Rhus copallinum White Summer, Fall Flatwoods, dry hammocks
Wood Sage Teucrium canadense Pink Summer, Fall Wet hammocks, marshes
Yellow-eyed Grass Xyris species Yellow Spring, Summer Moist flatwoods, marshes
Yellow-Star Grass Hypoxis juncea Yellow All Year Flatwoods, bogs
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